BPSD CN 125 - Booster Pump Station No. 1

Cox-Edwards acts as the General Contractor on projects for both the new water well and booster pump station sites for the sanitary districts within Wayne County.  For the houses constructed at the well and booster pump station sites, we subcontract to specialty trade the electrical, masonry, painting, footing, vinyl siding, concrete, roof framing, chain link, fencing, metal/shingle roofing, insulation of concrete blocks, and insulation on vats in ceiling.  For the site we also subcontract the grading, paving, and any demolition if required. We perform all line work and installation of flanged cut pipe, fittings, meters, pumps, and valves with our own forces.

BPSD CN 125 – Booster Pump Station No. 1

Location: 185Z Hood Swamp Rd. – Wayne County

This project included the removal of an existing water main booster pump station on US 13 and rebuilding/relocation of the pump station to Hood Swamp Road.  The pump station was relocated because of the proposed route of the new US 70 Bypass around Goldsboro.  The booster pumps are rated at 650 gallons per minute each with 70 FT of total dynamic head.  The pump house is a 22’ x 18’ concrete block structure with brick siding and a metal A-framed roof.  The project was completed in March 2013 for a cost of $208,760.00 for the Belfast-Patetown Sanitary District.